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Heart Felts Packaging


Wool Worth It™ is a proud sponsor of

Vist Person-to-person lending through empowers entrepreneurs globaly to bring themselves out of poverty. Visit our page on Kiva here.

Wool Worth It™ designs, produces, markets and sells high-quality, branded personal apparel accessories. Our products are entirely handmade by artisans from repurposed and natural materials.

Our have a big 'Wow!' factor: people who see our products often have a strong reaction to them due the artistry, craftsmanship and packaging.

Our products are primarily sold through select boutiques and occasional craft shows, but we have recently added a webstore through Etsy at the link above. We also accept special orders; please feel free to contact us at


We carry several lines of products. The Wool Worth It™ line includes:

Heart Felts: cozy toesies™

Heart Felts: BittyBags™

Heart Felts: handbags™

All of these lines are created by artisans within the United States. Our artists transform a combination of recycled and new felted materials into artistic, functional and stylish products, and are finished with unique needle felted art designs that cause an emotional response in our customers.

Our WorldWool line sells felted wool handbags created by artisans from Tibet and Nepal. These same artists also provide finished handbags and clutches that we add our own art to under the Heart Felts: handbags™ name.

Our ReThreds line sells diaper bags created from bluejeans that have been repurposed and given "whimsutility".


Branding is critical to our business: All Wool Worth It™ products are branded, environmentally-conscious, made with highest-quality materials, packaged beautifully, and appeal to customers’ sense of fashion and desire for unique, one-of-a-kind products.


Every item we make is one-of-a-kind, but here are examples of our products:


Heart Felts: cozy toesies


Heart Felts: BittyBags


Heart Felts: handbags

Being a steward of the world and our environment is critical to us. Our products are green and are often crafted from repurposed materials, lowering our impact on the earth and using less scarce resources. Additionally, we donate a portion of all profits to well-run organizations that support entrepreneurship in the developing world or which preserve threatened wildlife habitats.