About Us

We started creating specialty apparel products in 2005 with our ReThreds™ line of recycled jeans handbags and diaper bags. We had made one for ourselves as a diaper bag, and found its deep pockets were great for baby bottles, the capacity easily held all of our usual purse stuff as well as plenty of diapers and wipes, and the zippered pouch kept everything from spilling out. The colorful fabric we added to the bottom of the bag made it deeper and more useful, but more than that, it had the impact of making the bag ‘pop,’ and everywhere we went people stopped us and asked us where we got our bag.

We started making bags for a few friends, but demand quickly grew, and we soon brought in a person to help us sew so we could sell them in stores. Over time, our hobby business began taking up more of our time until it’s now a full-time endeavor. And we’ve never had so much fun.

Guiding Principles

At Wool Worth It™ we have some strong beliefs about what we do, and how we do it:

We are located in suburban Philadelphia, in the Gwynedd Valley area that once contained the farms of the Swedes and Scots who originally settled Pennsylvania in the early 1700’s.  Surrounded by tall green trees the occasional wide pastures, our artists and craftspeople all reside locally, so we can meet in person and share our designs and accomplishments over a cup of tea, come up with new ideas, and enjoy the blessings the world has given us in the form of this opportunity.


Green Living