Mary Beth Rhines

Mary Beth RhinesMary Beth Rhines received her degree in Art History from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. A watercolor artist by training, Mary Beth sold numerous works on the West Coast in the 1990’s until switching to new mediums for her artistic endeavors, including jewelry making, custom lamps and lighting, hand-painted floor cloths and rug hooking.

Most recently Mary Beth’s attention has focused on bridging the gap between art, utility and sustainability by creating high-quality items that women can use in their everyday lives that are artistic and fun.

A passionate believer in renewable resources and green living, Mary Beth’s creations usually start with an idea for repurposing an item for a new use. Her first foray into repurposed items were purses and diaper bags made from recycled jeans that were then paired with colorful printed cotton fabrics, full linings, high-quality zippers and straps, and an artistic combination of the components into a holistic and head-turning whole.

Check back here soon to see examples from Mary Beth’s portfolio.


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