About our Art

What makes Wool Worth It™ products unique is simply that our items are works of art in addition to being everyday items that are well-made and functional.

More than that, our products are ‘green’: for our heart felts line we mostly use recycled and repurposed wool that would otherwise go to landfills. Also, new materials that we use come almost entirely from natural and renewable sources.

Most of our items are one-of-a-kind, and are carefully designed from materials we’ve acquired over time and then carefully compose individually to create unique and harmonious compositions.

In the case of our heart felts: handbags line, we use felt purses we acquire from Nepal and then use these purses as blank canvases for our art by adding designs and decorations to make the resulting item more beautiful, usually using a technique called needle felting, but also using a variety of embroidery and sewing techniques and adding beads and other items.

Needle Felting

needle felting closeupNeedle felting is a dynamic process that combines traditional drawing and painting with fabric design. Instead of using ink or paint, the artist uses dyed wool to push designs into felt. By mixing different wool colors together, almost any color can be created. The artist then uses their talent to create artistic designs directly on the felt, in the case of Wool Worth It™ on baby booties, purses, and small bags and covers. The beauty of the final design very much depends on the ability of the artist. The artist may also further finish each item with embroidery thread, beads, or other embellishments.

Artist Signatures and Numbers

Because our items cross the boundary into art, our artists sign and number a tag that comes each item that they create, and we keep records about each item in our database to allow us to authenticate the item later if necessary. Many of our items are completely unique, while others are numbered limited editions of designs for which our artists are unusually passionate.


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