WorldWool™ handbags

We are pleased to add a new line of products to our family of Wool Worth It™ products: WorldWool™ handbags.

As we discussed placing our latest order for felt handbags with our vendor in Nepal, they offered to introduce us to local artisans in Nepal who might be willing to do the kind of artwork we are doing here in the United States. This is a wonderful opportunity for both us and for these artists in Nepal, and we are proud and delighted to offer their art to customers in the United States through our company.

WorldWool™ handbags use the same high-quality felt purses as we use for our heartfelts line. However, these items have needle felting art added to them before leaving Nepal for delivery to us. The felt purses are fully lined and close with a zipper.

Each item includes the signature of the artist.

Key features:

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